Discontinuation of Malawi Savings Bank Cheques

FDH Bank would like to inform its valued ex-Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) customers that their MSB cheque books will continue to be used until 30th November, 2016. We therefore request our ex-MSB customers to apply for FDH Bank cheques before the said date of 30th November, 2016. After this date, all MSB cheques books will no longer be accepted.

All our ex-MSB customers can apply for their cheque books in their branches across the country.

We will swap for FREE your current ex-MSB cheque books with the new FDH Bank Cheque books.

All customers will be required to bring their relevant identity documents when collecting the cheque books from the branches where they made their applications.

If you need any assistance you may contact us as follows:

Email: fdh@fdh.co.mw

Toll free: 51414 (from TNM and Airtel)

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