Successful Implementation of New Core Banking System – T24 R14

Following an announcement that we made on 7th April 2016, FDH Bank sincerely thanks you our valued customers and the general public for your patience while we were implementing the change from the old T24 R10 core banking system to the new T24 R14.

FDH Bank inform its customers and the general public that the new banking system is now fully installed effective Monday 11th April 2016. All the services have been restored back to normal.

The new T24 R14 banking platform is a modern Banking system that is used by leading financial institutions globally. The successful implementation of this new platform will mean that FDH has capabilities to be able to introduce innovative products and services for our customers.

Having successfully migrated all our FDH Bank customers to this platform, we are now geared to move our Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) Customers from the current Rubicon banking system to this new platform. This process is expected to be completed in the coming days and our MSB customers will be informed accordingly.

FDH Bank sincerely thanks you our customers and the general public for supporting us during this process. Together, we are set to grow.

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