Change of FDH Bank Account Numbers

Following the successful implementation of the T24 R14 core banking system, FDH Bank would like to inform its valued customers that there will be some changes to the account numbers for the existing customers.

  • What has changed?
    1. The account numbering format has changed, though it remains a 13-digit account number. All Account numbers will start with a code ‘1’ followed by a 2-digit branch code then the account number.
    2. All existing account numbers will be changed to new account numbers, which have a new numbering format. This new account number will not have any resemblance to the old (current) account number.
    3. All new customerswill be given account numbers that are in the new account numbering format
  • What will happen to my old account number?
    1. All customers can continue using their current materials such as cheque books, ATM cards, etc. that bear the old account number. These will be replaced with the ones bearing the new account number at the time the customer was due to replace them
    2. When you present your transactions in the banking halls, the transaction will be accepted like it has been done before. Our staff assisting you will give you the new account number that has been allocated to your account in our new banking system.
    3. All your previous transactions on the account have not changed.
  • What will happen to internet Banking
    1. Customers who are on our internet banking platform (FDH Online), will be required to link their old account with the new account for them to proceed to use internet banking services. Instructions for making this change have been placed on the internet banking website.
    2. Our FDH Online customers can continue using the service as they have done before.

FDH Bank will provide the necessary support during this period of transition. If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact your branch or any FDH Bank outlet near you.

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