FDH Bank Launches Kutcheza Makwacha Savings Promotion

23 Nov
FDH Bank Launches Kutcheza Makwacha Savings Promotion

FDH Bank, one of the commercial bank licensed by the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) has launched Kutcheza Makwacha promotion in its pursuit to promote savings culture among people during the festive season.

Speaking during the launch, Head of Personal and Business Banking, Kawawa Nsapato said the promotion will ensure that customers are prepared for emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances that emerge during the festive season.

“We want to prepare our customers for this coming festive season. For people who are involved in agricultural activities, we know that very soon they will need to buy farm inputs, others they will have to pay school fees you know what happens in January and others will need to take a holiday in December so there is no better time to introduce the promotion than now,” he said.

He added that the promotion is also one of the way of promoting financial inclusion, a directive which is championed by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, to ensure that everyone takes part in financial services in the country.

“FDH Bank has taken a lead in the introduction of better digital banking through the development of our recent Ufulu Digital account, whereby customers open their own account remotely by the use of the mobile phone. It takes less time to open the account and does not incur monthly charges. It is time saving and convenient platform that seeks to address issues on financial inclusion by providing essential banking services to the unbanked masses,” he said.

The Bank introduced Ufulu Digital Account to meet the needs of customers through the provision of possible financial solutions that meet the demands of the market and the industry.

The Kutcheza Makwacha promotion will run for three months from 19th November up to 19th February. Customers can enter the promotion by depositing K20, 000 which they will save on a monthly basis. The more the customers make monthly deposit of K20, 000 and keeps it in the bank, the higher the chances of winning in the promotion. The promotion will see ten people walking away with K50, 000, one person will win K500, 000 and another person will win K1 million as the grand prize.



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