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FDH splashes out prizes in Digi Save Promotion

04 Jul
Kawawa Msapato, Head of Personal and Business Banking, FDH Bank Kawawa Msapato, Head of Personal and Business Banking, FDH Bank

FDH Bank says it will continue coming up with innovative products that appeal to existing and potential customers of the bank.

Head of Personal and Business Banking at the bank, Kawawa Msapato disclosed this in Blantyre when the bank conducted a monthly draw for its mobile and savings promotion known as Digi Save.

Addressing the presss Msapato said the promotion seeks to encourage the culture of saving in the country and to promote modern technology of digital banking where customers can transact via mobile phones.

“The promotion commenced on 25th May and as a bank we are trying to promote one of our products known as FDH Mobile. The promotion is designed in such a way that one will be encouraged to save money. We have observed that during the course of the promotion there’s a significant improvement on deposits into savings accounts. The other aspect is encouraging our customers to make use of technology in their banking needs such as mobile banking,” said Msapato.

During the draw one Thomas Sosten Choromo won a cash prize of K500, 000. Three other lucky customers won Huawei Y6 Pro X3 mobile phones. Another K500, 000 was distributed to ten other customers while some 20 customers got consolation prizes of T/Shirts.