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FDH Bank registers more Ufulu Digital Accounts at Ufulu Festival

08 Jul
FDH Bank registers more Ufulu Digital Accounts at Ufulu Festival

Scores of fun lovers on Malawi's Independence Day registered on the newly launched Ufulu Digital Account during a Marketing Activation at Ufulu Festival in Lilongwe.

Speaking to Newsline, FDH Financial Holdings Public Relations Officer Lorraine Lusinje said the digital product has so far received a massive response from the masses including at the festival.

Launched a few weeks ago, Ufulu Digital Account allows more people in both rural and urban areas to be financially included.

"This product is open to all people in the country and not only those that belong to FDH Bank. With our Digital products and a footprint of 53 branches and over 96 ATMs accross the country, we championing financial inclusion by making sure all can access banking services," Lusinje explained.

Ufulu Digital Account


She added: "With Ufulu Digital account, people can register their phone number as an account using the FDH Mobile Menu on the app or by dialling *525#.

FDH Bank prides itself as a digital bank and aims at providing financial solutions that meet the needs of people not only in Malawi but in the region.

FDH Bank which is a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings also has FDH Pakhomo, a product on FDH mobile that allows agents at various locations in the country to provide the masses with banking services right in their communities.