FDH Bank sponsors 16 university students

12 Jan
FDH Bank sponsors 16 university students

FDH Bank says it prides itself as a champion for growth in the country citing education as a lead catalyst for growth.

Deputy Managing Director for FDH Bank William Mpinganjira made the remarks when the bank handed over sponsorship valued at K72 million to University of Malawi after entering into a memorandum of understanding towards sponsoring students.  

Mpinganjira added that FDH Bank feels privileged to have a rewarding working relationship with an institution of high esteem as UNIMA which plays an integral role in shaping the future of this nation.

“This partnership will allow the two institutions to nurture a mutually beneficial arrangement that will motivate academically outstanding students and create a pool of skilled human capital and role models,” Mpinganjira added
The four year sponsorship will see ten students from Polytechnic and six students from Chancellor College selected from various faculties complete their education. At K18 million kwacha per year and K1.12 million per student, the funds cover tuition, food, accommodation and student allowance.

“The bank cannot look on as intelligent and energetic young men and women miss out on the opportunity to advance their education and widen the scope of further opportunities for personal and national growth,” he said

Upon receiving the sponsorship, UNIMA Vice Chancellor, Professor Bright Saka highlighted the bank’s recognition of the value well-trained graduates make to the economic sectors of the country including the banking sector.

“The Malawi Government needs highly skilled human capital to achieve the goals in the Malawi Growth and Development strategy, This, I believe, is consistent with the Jewish Proverb: An educated man can never be poor.”

“I wish to thank FDH Bank for coming forward to support the education of the youth who are perusing various studies in the University of Malawi,” Saka remarked

He added that the MoU was consistent with one of their key strategic imperatives – Outreach and Community Engagement towards increasing access to equity and well as quality and relevant education, with industry - university partnerships being the norm in both developed and developing countries.

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