FDH Bank Plc has said the corporate world should join hands in environmental conservation efforts. FDH Bank Head of Risk and Compliance Arthur Yapuwa said this in Zomba when Bank personnel planted trees at Chingale Hills. “This is part of a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) we made with the Department of Forestry and Zomba District Council to be helping in activities aimed at restoring trees in Zomba’s Chingale Hills. “This is part of helping our customers in addressing challenges like climate change,” Yapuwa said. He said, under the initiative, the bank would be responsible for afforestation and management of trees in selected forests.

Zomba District Assistant Forestry Officer Matthews Mkwapatira hailed FDH for the initiative. “We, as a department, are overwhelmed with the work of restoring vegetative cover on hectares of land which are currently bare. We applaud FDH Bank for their commitment in environmental conservation initiatives and our appeal is that other non-state actors should join forces with us and save our forests and hills from destruction,” Mkwapatira said. Senior Chief Mlumbe said he introduced bylaws in his area as one way of promoting natural resource conservation.