Vehicle and Asset Finance is a facility available to FDH customers who would like to acquire a car, house, machinery, farm, office equipment, or any other such objects. This finance option is open to companies and organizations, employed persons and self-employed persons.

The FDH Bank Lease Agreement allows the customer to purchase an asset and pay for it over a negotiated period while enjoying the use of the asset. Customers enjoy the option of taking ownership of the asset once the final payment has been made or returning the asset to FDH Bank at the end of the agreed period, subject to the conditions of the agreement. FDH Bank will finance almost any kind of identifiable asset such which has a registration or serial number.

Leasing/Loan Arrangements offered by FDH Bank

  • Straight Finance Leases
  • Sell and Lease Backs
  • Discounted Leases
  • Operating Leases
  • Discount Leases
  • Master Finance Leases
  • Business Loans
  • Mortgage Loans

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