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Execution only share trading
Broking/Cash Accounts – investment decisions are made entirely by the client, with the dealing team providing best execution services and regular market movement updates. As a pure agency broker, we do not compete with our clients in conducting proprietary trades. We aim to provide reliable and objective market insights by identifying trends in the market place and communicating these to our clients for their benefit.

Treasury Outsourcing
Our investment aim is to provide consistently superior investment performance and to maximise returns at a risk profile appropriate to each client. The treasury outsourcing implies an agency relation where the client appoints FDH Stockbrokers Limited to manage its treasury function with oversight of the institutional client through a pre-agreed Service Level agreement (SLA). This products allows operations of a treasury function through an already existing “treasury management unit” without incurring costs associated with running an in-house treasury function.

Portfolio Management
Both a top-down and bottom-up approach is adopted in developing our strategies. We place strong emphasis on anticipating global and macro economic trends and cycles in assessing the implications of various scenarios on our markets. From a bottom-up perspective, stock picking decisions are based on exploiting market inefficiencies through diligent fundamental analysis. Technical analysis assists with market timing decisions. A qualified and experienced senior stockbroker will act as your portfolio manager to manage your portfolio as per the set mandates. Your portfolio manager ensures that your portfolio is structured to meet your individual needs and goals. At FDH Stockbrokers Limited we foster a strong risk management and compliance culture to protect the interests of our clients at all times.

Investment advisory
FDH Stockbrokers Limited specialises in devising and implementing strategies to build, conserve and protect the net worth of our clients. Central to our approach is a client advisory process which seeks to assess individual investment requirements and risk tolerance ranges. Our advisory services extend to among others; capital raising structures, listings, private placements, due diligence as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Money Market Investments

    Fixed Deposits
  • This product is targeted at clients in the individual category who intend to have reasonably high yielding yet flexible investment plans to cater for short term cash flows. FDH Stockbrokers negotiates the yields and makes placement on behalf of the client on nominee basis.
  • Treasury Bills,
  • FDH Stockbrokers will make Treasury Bill placement on behalf of clients looking short term, “risk free” investment with an aim of capital preservation. Through the daily information analysis on market liquidity as well as highly experienced money market analysts, clients can be assured of best execution in TB placements. Where liquidity demands require discounting, FDH Stockbrokers limited will broker the discounting process on behalf of the client ensuring that the client gets the best deal available.

Commissioned research
FDH Stockbrokers Limited experienced in-house research function can be commissioned to carry out specific research for clients; to guide in the investment decision making process. The research output becomes exclusive and proprietary to the client and is not distributed to any other clients, except as directed by the client.

Commissioned research can also be used to meet Investor Relations requirements – for listed clients. We undertake share register analysis, track share activity, facilitate communication between the client and the investment community, improve the market’s understanding of the company, and aim to enhance the quality of the shareholder base.

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