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RBM Bonds

  • Interest bearing monetary securities issued by the Reserve Bank of Malawi for monetary policy operations
  • New on the market and interest paid semi annually and redeemed at par ( face value) on maturity date
  • Free of default risk because they are obligations by the central bank.
  • High degree of liquidity, can easily be converted into cash though at a relatively higher cost.
  • Issued for a period of 3 to 5 years
  • FDH able to discount RBM Bond at a negotiable price.
  • FDH offers attractive rates to clients for long term investment in RBM Bond.
  • A good way of diversifying your money market portfolio into medium and longer term tenors at rates that match your investment goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum investment at FDH is K100,000.00
By deciding on your priorities. Instant access, for example, or a higher return in exchange for longer notice. There is always a product to meet your needs.
On maturity of your investment upon requesting for a repurchase of your investment.
It all depends on your circumstances. Most of our products are tailor-made to suit your cash flow The different options available at FDH give you the flexibility to access the interest earned at maturity of your investment.
Our investments, for one to nine months with higher rates of interest could suit you, subject to roll-over
Yes! Let us know if you qualify as a non-taxpayer by producing a tax exemption certificate and we will pay you without deducting tax.
If you are eligible to reclaim tax, please obtain a tax directive from the Commissioner of Taxes.
Add what you can from time to time or reinvest the interest on maturity.
Certainly. Our attractive interest rates ensure that as your investments grow, they earn more. We make a point of keeping our rates attractive, and details are always available from our dealers.
Certainly. All we need to know are the signing arrangements for mandates and withdrawals.
Not at all. Anyone is eligible to invest. Children below 18 years are considered minor.Account for minors can be opened but operated by an adult.

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