FDH Bank promotes saving culture

FDH Bank is encouraging its customers to keep some of their earnings to use during the festive season through its Miliyoneya promotion.

Speaking during the fourth draw of the promotion in Blantyre on Tuesday, the bank’s Head of Personal and Business Management, Kawawa Msapato, said adopting a saving culture can help to develop the country.

“We are trying to promote saving culture among our customers through promotions like these. As we are approaching the festive season, you know people spend a lot of money yet they have to meet other equally important expenditures in January like school fees for their children.

“So what we are saying is customers should save money with us. With a minimum saving of MK50,000 one automatically enters the promotion,” he said 

During the draw, Lilongwe based Sophie Gidala won the monthly grand price of MK500,000.

Other prizes given out included MK100,000 to five lucky customers, MK50,000 to ten customers, 15 FDH branded t-shirls and umbrellas. 

The promotion has since been extended to November and one lucky customer is expected to win MK5 million which is up for grabs.

By Feston Malekezo - The Daily Times

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