FDH Bank Assists Albinism Grouping

23 Jun
FDH Bank Assists Albinism Grouping

FDH Bank on Tuesday donated K305,000 to the Foundation for People with Albinism in Malawi (FOPAM) to help towards the establishment of the grouping.

Presenting the cheque in Blantyre, FDH Bank Head of Credit Innocent Njati Banda said the Bank was proud to support such a grouping which, among others, aims at improving education, social standards as well as well as providing micro lending services with people with Albinism. He said FOPAM and FDH Bank shared a mutual goal of bringing a positive impact to communities.

He also disclosed that FDH Bank harbors aspirations to be the leading Bank in Malawi and to broaden its reach to the Southern Africa Region.

FDH Bank recognizes that this aspiration can only be met if we are relevant in the market. It is on this basis that we add a personal touch to our business segment with our business segment with our business units that cover Personal and Business Banking, Treasury, and also Corporate Banking which has a dedicated Accounts Relationship Manager assigned for Non-Governmental Organizations.

FOPAM Executive Director Michael Chitalo thanked FDH Bank for the donation and promised that the funds will be used for the intended purposes.

According to Chitalo, FOPAM was formed last year to empower people with Albinism economically through the provision of loans and vocational skills.

“However, we realize that we cannot talk about economic empowerment if people living with albinism themselves are not in good health. This is why we work hand in hand with the Albino Clinic at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre distributing sunscreen lotion.”

“However, lack of transport remains a challenge for us to dispense the sunscreen lotion across the country,” said Chitalo.

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