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FDH Introduces HIV/AIDs Policy

03 Jun
FDH Introduces HIV/AIDs Policy

FDH Financial Holdings Limited has launched an HIV/AIDs work-place policy as a way of managing and contributing to the effective achievement of HIV/AIDs prevention and management in the work force.

Speaking during the launch at Mount Soche in Blantyre, the Bank’s director Judith Chirwa said the number of employees at the institution is growing and that currently, most of the employees are within the age group of 25-35 years, further stating that the age group is normally sexually active hence the need to sensitize them on HIV/AIDs and to ensure that all employees are aware of the effects of HIV/AIDs.

“We want people to be happy at the workplace and if they are affected, they should not feel out of place because all issues related to HIV and AIDs have been addressed by the company through the policy,” said Chirwa.

She also said that the other objective is to ensure a consistent and equitable approach to the prevention of new infections, adding that no one at FDH will be discriminated or have their job terminated because of their HIV status.
In addition to prevention messages, the policy allows that if someone is sick, the company will take care of them and even their spouses.

Chirwa further said the launch of the policy will also help the employees to disclose their status.