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Designed by Malawians for Malawians living abroad

The FDH Diaspora Account is designed mainly for you, a Malawian residing in a foreign country. Operating an FDH Diaspora Account offers you the opportunity of maintaining an account in Malawi while resident abroad. Individuals and companies can open this account.

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Whether it is a car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, boat, house, machinery, farm, or office equipment or any other fixed asset FDH Bank has the perfect financial solution for its customers. FDH Bank provides finance to companies and organizations, a salary earner – employed persons & self employed persons.

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FDH Bank Takes Lead in Supporting Artisanal Small-Scale Mining Sector Sunday, 30 November 2014 16:01
Malawi’s fastest growing bank, FDH Bank, says it is determined to uplift the lives of small-scale mining communities through a number of programmes that it is implementing in partnership with the Government and other stakeholders.FDH Bank Managing Director Phillip Madinga says as reflected in its motto, “Grow With Us,” the Bank, decided to  support the small-scale and artisanal mining subsector after noting that the subsector has not been receiving adequate support despite its huge potential to create employment and alleviate poverty among rural communities. “Our Brand promise, Grow With Us resonates very well with our focus to support small businesses in the SME sector – a sector which the ASM segment belongs to.  It is because of this that we want to take a  leading role in unlocking opportunities for the ASM through our various initiatives like running financial literacy programmes for the players in this sector, which enables miners in this sector to access finance easily from both local and international banks. We believe that if we can nurture this sector, we can also link players from the ASM sector to international markets,” says Madinga, whose bank was awarded two prestigious awards in 2014 namely the Best Retail Bank in Malawi and Fastest Growing Retail Bank in Malawi by the Global Banking and Finance Review. Early this year, FDH Bank participated in the Mining Indaba - an event held annually in Cape Town, South Africa. At this Indaba, Madinga says, FDH noted with keen interest that Malawi’s Artisanal Small Scale Mining sector faces similar challenges to those that were tackled at the event, which prompted FDH Bank to engage the Ministry of Mining to agree possible options of dealing with the challenges. Consequently, FDH Bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining that establishes a business relationship between the two parties to provide capacity building and provision of access to finance as well as technical support in the promotion of artisanal and small-scale mining development in the country. “We signed this MOU because we recognise that establishment of a business relationship and provision of access to investment funds or technical support towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the mining sector can assist sustainable development in the livelihood of artisanal and small scale miners and the nation as a whole,” says Madinga.He says the MOU was concluded with the aim of promoting and empowering Artisanal and Small Scale Miners in Malawi given the significant role that mining and in particular this ASM sector plays in contributing to the country’s GDP. FDH  role covers various initiatives, which include: Capacity building - this covers Support of Artisanal and Women in Mining Workshop; assisting with Exhibition of minerals produced by ASM and Participation at the oncoming Cape Town Mining Indaba and Excursion to Key mineral sites. Access to finance - this relates to ASM having access to FDH  Quick loans and Trade Finance Lines as well as Opening of special Foreign  Currency Dominated Accounts (FCDA) for the ASMs. Technical support - FDH through its SME Clinics and Suites would provide special business management techniques, cash flow management techniques and financial literacy workshops. Promotion of Investments - this would be done through the Exhibition of ASM Malawi minerals and Participation at Cape Town Mining Indaba to market Malawi Mining Wealth. As part of its programme of activities for artisanal and small-scale mining development, FDH Bank already conducted on-site financial literacy programs for some of the ASM players. “We have also already identified various sites where we intend (in partnership with several other stakeholders) to establish organized markets and places where they can polish their hard earned minerals.  At FDH Bank, we want to encourage the ASMs to indeed not only Grow With Us, but also grow with the economy. No one can dispute that there is no other bank like us,” says Madinga, who was among the key speakers at the Symposium for the formulation of the National Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Policy. FDH Bank played an active role to organise the first ever Symposium for the formulation of the ASM Policy that was held in Lilongwe in November alongside the Government, the World Bank and the European Union through the Mining Governance and Growth Support Project. Other financiers of the symposium included the United Nations Development Programme and a Washington-based NGO, PACT. In addition, FDH Bank is committed to finance sensitization programs on small-scale mining through television and radio programmes from 2014 to 2015. “Being local enables us to understand better the development needs of this country and indeed the needs of our Government. This is why we are inspired to finance these local initiatives,” says Madinga.He also says FDH’s aspiration as a bank is to become a leader on the Malawi market as well as to broaden reach to Southern Africa region and this is gradually turning into a reality as the Bank which started on a humble scale with only its flagship branch, Umoyo House Branch in Blantyre in 2007 has now expanded its presence across the country in all the regions and now boasts of 14 service centres. The Bank has also been innovative on the Malawi market introducing several new products and services with the most recent one being Bancassurance. “Our bancassurance offering is complementing our lending product bouquet from which we believe the artisanal and small scale miners may benefit from through access to insurance for any loans that they will access from FDH Bank,” says Madinga. FDH Bank, which provides a full range of commercial banking services, is one of the greatest supporters of small and medium enterprises in Malawi and has supported the development of major projects with the Malawi Government, construction industry, civil servants, retail chain stores and other private companies through its fast and flexible service delivery. “As a Bank, we are in this engagement because we realize that the Banking sector plays a crucial role in ASM development. In countries such as South Africa, the banking industry has actually flourished because of a resilient mining sector. Therefore, the success of the mining industry in most African countries, including Malawi, is very much dependent on how supportive the banking industry and how strong the banking industry is. FDH Bank strongly believes that in Malawi we have a strong banking industry that is keen to support the mining sector and in particular the ASM segment. We are proud to take  the lead in supporting the ASM sector,” says Madinga. As a responsible member of the private sector, FDH Bank  called upon all stakeholders in mining to uphold the rights of all, especially the rights of children in the course of duty and to refrain from child labour in the mines. “We must ensure that our children have access to education so that they can have a bright future. Let us actively integrate the rights of children in our businesses. As a Bank we aim to make a real difference for our stakeholders – thus, our shareholders, our customers, our staff and our communities. Therefore our support for this sector will also include special CSR initiatives that deal with various challenges that this sector faces – these include health and sanitation issues, Child Labor challenges amongst many issues we have identified,  says Madinga.
FDH Bank Opens Nchalo Branch Thursday, 20 November 2014 07:25
FDH Bank has spread its presence to reach out to customers in Chikwawa and the surrounding areas by opening its Nchalo branch in Chikwawa on 27 October, 2014. The official launch of the branch took place on 30th October, 2014 and it was graced with the presence of the Reserve Bank of Malawi’s Director of Bank Supervision Eldin Mlelemba who was the guest of honour. The development brings the total number of service outlets to 13 besides 29 ATMs which are all strategically placed in various locations in the country. In his remaks, the guest of honour reiterated on the need for commercial banks in the country to strive for the achievement of first class banking solutions.
FDH Bank Awarded Friday, 24 October 2014 14:42
Barely six years since it’s establishment, FDH Bank has been recognized and awarded with two prestigious awards in 2014 by the Global Banking and Finance Review. The awards: Best Retail Bank in Malawi and Fastest Growing Retail Bank in Malawi demonstrates FDH Bank’s commitment to producing world-class and competitive banking solutions that meet the growing demand of banking products and services in the country. As a home grown and a home bred bank, FDH Bank keeps growing in strength to create a group of energetic, professional and morally sound teams relevant to both market and client needs. The approach taken by the Bank strives to enable products and services offered to clients that redefine banking experience in Malawi by allowing  customers to grow to greatness.
FDH eMoney to Empower the Unbanked Friday, 05 September 2014 07:21
FDH Bank partners Airtel MoneyFDH Bank has once again reaffirmed one of its aspirations to make the banking experience enjoyable and more convenient through technology with the launch of FDH eMoney, set to empower the unbanked population with yet another affordable and innovative banking solution. In a partnership with Airtel Money, the bank will be offering a mobile money solution suitable for both individual and corporate customers and agents. This means that customers on FDH eMoney can transact using their e-value in their mobile phones and their cash sitting in the account interchangeably upon registering with Airtel Money through FDH Bank.
FDH Braving The Storm Monday, 11 August 2014 12:23
FDH Group LogoDefeating a host of factors, including an uncertain economic and business operating environment, a slowdown in economic activity, high interest rates, changes in the USD/MWK exchange rate and regulatory changes, FDH Financial Holdings, one of the leading financial institutions in Malawi, has registered a growth in Profit After Tax (PAT) of 169% compared to the same period in 2013, while Group total revenues grew by 90% on a year on year basis. “Our results reflect that our diversified business shows good growth and resilience despite the tough, uncertain and challenging operating business and economic climate,” said Mr. Thomson Mpinganjira, Chief Executive Officer of FDH Financial Holdings.
FDH Bank Donates to Prosthetic Centre Thursday, 07 August 2014 14:17
FDH Bank today made a donation of K500,000 to 500 Miles Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre, an organization at Mzuzu Central Hospital that helps people who have mobility problems. Presenting the cheque, FDH Bank Mzuzu branch manager, Stephen Chawala said the organization is doing a commendable job in getting people move again. He said the Bank thought of giving back to the society, through the donation, in an effort to make a real difference to people's lives.
FDH Bank Donates to DAPP Teacher's School Friday, 27 June 2014 13:34
Head of IT, Ganizani Phiri (2nd right) and Head of Operations and CSR Committee Chairman Charles Bello (right) making handoverFDH Bank last week donated a desktop computer and heavy duty printer worth K1 million to DAPP Chilangoma Teacher Training School in Blantyre. The Bank’s Head of Operations, Charles Bello, said the donation will help make significant contributions to scale up standards of education by making education more inclusive, meaningful, and enjoyable. He said the programme has already contributed over 1,000 teachers to various primary schools nationwide.
FDH Bank Assists Albinism Grouping Monday, 23 June 2014 09:33
Chitalo (left) shakes hands with Njati-Banda during handover ceremonyFDH Bank on Tuesday donated K305,000 to the Foundation for People with Albinism in Malawi (FOPAM) to help towards the establishment of the grouping. Presenting the cheque in Blantyre, FDH Bank Head of Credit Innocent Njati Banda said the Bank was proud to support such a grouping which, among others, aims at improving education, social standards as well as well as providing micro lending services with people with Albinism. He said FOPAM and FDH Bank shared a mutual goal of bringing a positive impact to communities.
FDH Introduces HIV/AIDs Policy Tuesday, 03 June 2014 13:37
FDH Staff at HIV/AIDs LaunchFDH Financial Holdings Limited has launched an HIV/AIDs work-place policy as a way of managing and contributing to the effective achievement of HIV/AIDs prevention and management in the work force. Speaking during the launch at Mount Soche in Blantyre, the Bank’s director Judith Chirwa said the number of employees at the institution is growing and that currently, most of the employees are within the age group of 25-35 years, further stating that the age group is normally sexually active hence the need to sensitize them on HIV/AIDs and to ensure that all employees are aware of the effects of HIV/AIDs.
Mzuzu ESCOM employee wins K1m in FDH Bank Zatheka promo Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:09
One Million Kwacha Grand Prize Winner in the Zatheka PromotionA Mzuzu-based ESCOM motor vehicle technician Solomon Kamanga has won K1 million in FDH Bank Zatheka Promotion that ran from March to May 2014. Kamanga said he thought it was a prank from his friends when he first got the news. He said the money has come at the right time when he has a house construction project and school fees bills at hand. “When I opened my Zatheka account I did not have the competition in mind, all I wanted was to save money at a good interest rate of 18 percent quarterly, for school fees,” Kamanga said. Transactional Banking Business Manager Henry Najira said the promotion, which was meant to promote a saving culture among Malawians, served its purpose.
Government hails FDH Bank for Top of the Class Sponsorship Wednesday, 14 May 2014 13:04
Malawi Government says the K20 million sponsorship by FDH Bank to revive the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Top of the Class, an inter-schools quiz competition, will help uplift education standards in the country. Minister of Education, Science and Technology Luscious Kanyumba, speaking on Friday at Zomba Catholic Secondary School (ZCSS) during Top of the Class official launch, said the competition fosters academic competition and excellence. “The quiz competition promotes quality of education and also encourages students to study harder. The competition also promotes a reading culture among the students,” he said. Kanyumba hailed FDH Bank for supporting the promotion of quality education, and called on other companies to emulate the example portrayed by the bank.
Government partners FDH Bank in aid of small-scale miners Monday, 31 March 2014 13:06
The challenge of Capital Financing and financial literacy which has impeded the growth of Artisanal and Small-scale Miners (ASMs) in the country will soon be history thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Government has signed with FDH Bank Limited. The MoU will see FDH Bank providing ASMs with capital financing, access to capital investments and financial education in areas of effective organization with an aim of seeking viable markets. Minister of Mining John Bande, speaking during the signing ceremony in Blantyre on Friday, 28th March, said the MoU signifies a new stakeholder participation in government’s quest to lift its people out poverty.

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